.net style switcher provided by Nomensa

.net has commissioned Nomensa to provide expert opinion about creating a style-switcher for a website, in the form of a tutorial for its readers. In issue 177 of .net magazine you will find the expert opinion from one of Nomensa's web accessibility experts, Mark Napthine. Mark provides you with the reasons and benefits of having a style-switcher implemented onto your website, and the knowledge on how to create a simple style-switcher yourself (this working example has even provided for you!)

About Nomensa

Nomensa are the digital design consultancy specialising in web usability and web accessibility. We dramatically increase our clients' performance in digital channels through customer-focused research and design. And the results?.....Our recommendations have helped our clients more than double website page impressions, triple website registrations, double sales conversions and triple website revenue.

How Nomensa can help

Although simple code snippets have been provided as part of the .net tutorial, we understand that creating a bespoke style-switcher can still be a daunting task, or simply a task that your web team does not have time to execute. Therefore, if you would like to discuss Nomensa helping you to implement a style-switcher onto your website, contact Caroline Risk today at crisk@nomensa.com or 0117 929 7333.